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Emotional and Social Intelligence Edited By Marcia Hughes, Henry L. Thompson and James Bradford Terrell

This Handbook will be of great use for any practitioner involved in the development of emotional intelligence abilities and competencies, and is a must-read for those who want a state-of-the-art overview of the many applications of emotional intelligence theory. - Daniel Goleman

Announcing a powerful edited volume with contributions from EI leaders worldwide on topics such as :
    - Combining Myers Briggs & the EQi
    - Solving Team Conflict
    - Coaching for Success

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Coach's Guide to Emotional Intelligence A Coach’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence is a groundbreaking book that combines the topics of coaching and emotional intelligence in a down-to-earth resource for coaches, facilitators, and consultants. We draw on our expertise in the field of emotional intelligence training to offer a number of elegant solutions that help coaches and their clients develop the authentic emotional skills needed to meet the challenges of today’s increasingly complex world. The book shows how EI coaching can be applied within organizations and provides a solid coaching method for use with leaders in business settings. The book outlines five highly-effective strategies for developing influential leaders.

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TESI® is our Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey™ and creates the opportunity for a team 360 – that is each member of the team rates the team's skills from his or her perspective. They answer questions such as "Our team continues to be hopeful when challenged.” and “Our team members steer clear of getting even." Reports are then available on the entire team, on subgroups, such as different groups within the team, those sub-groups might be based on gender or age groupings or on status such as supervisors compared to managers. This allows all team members and the leaders to understand the levels of identification with the team, satisfaction, engagement, and perceived skills in areas such as communications and conflict resolution.

The Emotionally Intelligent Team

In this compelling book, authors Marcia Hughes and James Terrell offer practical information and a guide for businesses that want to draw on the power of the emotional competencies of their teams. They reveal how individuals, team members, and leaders can take the steps to become more emotionally and socially intelligent (ESI) team members and show how to put in place the practices and exercises that will help any team grow in emotional intelligence.

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Also available in Audio CD. Contact us for more information.

Emotional Intelligence In Action

Collaborative Growth takes Emotional Fitness to the next level in their new book Emotional Intelligence In Action . These 46 workouts for coaches and trainers will empower your team and people's productive behavior and help them eliminate the unproductive habits that limit their success (and yours)!

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Life's 2% Solution Life's 2% Solution presents a field-tested process and proven techniques for fully integrating your professional and personal selves. Invest in yourself and find ”passionate equilibrium” – a state of living your life with passion, balance and happiness.

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TESI Short

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The Facilitator’s Guide set for Team Emotional and Social Intelligence offers a unique set of five tools for determining and developing your team’s emotional effectiveness in the seven dimensions that are a prerequisite for high performance. Created by two leaders in the field of emotional Intelligence training, Marcia Hughes and James Bradford Terrell, this powerful set of tools is designed to inform you on the most current information on emotional and social intelligence research and strategies for promoting team development and outlines the authors’ proven Collaborative Growth® Team Model. This set of tools gives you and your team members the ability to rate your team’s performance on the seven skills required for success and provides strategies for growing those skills strategically.

The Facilitator’s Guide Set includes four items in addition to the Facilitator’s Guide, each of which can also be purchased individually. The Facilitator’s Guide gives the facilitator or trainer complete guidance in providing a day or 1/2 day team EI program and in working with the Short format of the TESI, which is a quick gauge on team emotional and social intelligence. The Guide includes a power point to support that training. Teams who want to learn more can then take the full TESI through Collaborative Growth or one of our certified trainers. The additional items supporting the Facilitator, and which can be purchased separately are:

A copy of the book, The Emotionally Intelligent Team
This ten-minute assessment is the starting point for understanding a team's Emotional Intelligence. Each individual in the team completes and scores the assessment, and the results are then aggregated to arrive at a team rating. The assessment measures seven dimensions of team behavior and performance: team identity, motivation, emotional awareness, communications, stress tolerance, conflict resolution and positive mood.

The Team Emotional and Social Intelligence, Participant Workbook is designed to support your work as a facilitator by giving each team member a tool to use in expanding his or her own knowledge during the training and to create a lasting resource to support their team effectiveness long after the training is complete.

This poster pictures the authors’ proven Collaborative Growth® Team Model. The poster gives you and your team members the ability to visualize the core seven skills and to see the results and benefits a team will experience as it builds its Collaborative Intelligence.™

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